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Night World Book 3: Huntress, Black Dawn and Witchlight

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Book Title: Night World Book: 3
Author: L.J. Smith
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Copyright and Publication Date: Huntress & Black Dawn - 1997, and Witchlight - 1998
Recommended Age Group: 12+
Type: Paperback
Pages: 752
Rating: ****/5
Warning: I might go into depth with the book.
Night World's two most important Laws: 
1) Never allow humans to gain knowledge of the Night World's existence and,
2) Never fall in love with a human.
The apocalypse is drawing near. But four Wild Powers can save the world from impending doom. circle Daybreak, an underground secret organization with both Night World and human members, is searching for the four who can stop the darkness.
A vampire hunter - who is half vampire - stalks her own kind to protect humans in Huntress.
Main Characters: Jez, Morgead, Hugh and Claire.
Supporting Characters: Iona, Thisle, Val, Raven, Pierce, Lily, Azarius and Uncle Bracken.

In black Dawn, Maggie stumbles upon an old Night World kingdom where the ruling vampire prince is both an enemy and an ally.
Main Characters: Maggie, Cady (Arcadia), Jeanne, P.J., Hunter Redfern, Delos, Sylvia.
Supporting Characters: Slaves, Gavin and Bern.

And Circle Daybreak hires Keller, a shapeshifting panther, to guard a new Wild Power in Witchlight. But when Keller falls in love with the Wild Power's Soulmate, her love could destroy everything.
Main Characters: Keller, Galen, Iliana, the Dragon, Winnie, Nissa and Jamie.
Supporting Characters: Alex, Brett, Shifter House Heads, Mother Cybele, Circle Daybreak.
My Summaries:  
 Night World Book: 3
Jez is a vampire who hunts humans as a sport.She even runs a gang who helps her out and loves the senses of a chase as much as she does. But when she finds out her other half, she has an epiphany and runs away to live with distant relatives. The end of the world is coming an only the four Wild Powers can save us all and fight against Hunter Redfern and his evil army of Night World creatures. But when word is out about the Wild Powers, Circle Daybreak wants to save them - and Hunter Redfern wants to destroy them. Which side will jez choose? Will her Soulmate kill her for the descissions she makes or will her protect her?
The truth lies in Jez's blood. Quite literally.   
Black Dawn:
In Black Dawn a girl named Maggie gets kidnapped by slave traders and is brought to a Night World kingdom high up into the mountains. She's with other girls named Arcadia (the witch Ambassador), Jeanne (and escaped slave) and P.J. (another human). Maggie finds her Soulmate who is also her enemy. While Maggie finds a way to free the slaves, she has to find her brother too. Will Maggie's Soulmate kill her? and will she ever find her brother? 
Circle Daybreak hires Keller to find the Wild Powers and protect them. Keller is the best of the best, with helpful back-up of a fighting witch Winnie, and a smart and kick-ass vampire Nissa. The three are the best there is. But when Keller falls in love with the Wild Power's Soulmate, the entire operation could fail. They also fall into a race with The Dragon, all hell breaks loose and this "end-of-the-world" thing becomes very real; and close. Will Keller's love make her weak? Can Keller and her team defeat the Dragon? And most of all, will the Wild Power even want to help?
My Thoughts:
  •  I loved this book the most! Witchlight and Huntress could be an enitre book on their own. I really wish that could be true, then the story could be longer and better!
  • Finally we get to the heart of Circle Daybreak and their plans. And we meet the most wicked antagonist - The Dragon. 
Vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters - they live among us without our knowledge. Night World is their secret society, a secret society with very strict rules. And falling in loves breaks all of the laws of the Night World.


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