Sunday, May 15, 2011

.:About My Reviews:.

    Hey guys! First off, I want to explain the reason WHY I'm doing book reviews, what inspired me, and then I'm going to explain how I'm doing my reviews. Also, I want to give everyone a heads up that I am NOT a professional, my grammar sucks, my spelling isn't that great (ThankGODforspellcheck). I'm doing this for fun, not for fame. I want my Quest to be the most important part of all of my reviews.

As I mentioned in my FIRST POST (Copyingandpastingmyotherblog)
" I want to go into the field of Journalism and Broadcasting, so a friend of mine told me it would be a good idea if I started up a blog and write about something; ANYTHING. And well, I had no idea what to write about until now. I'm an obsessive reader so I figured I could do reviews on the books I've read! Just to give everyone a fair heads up, I do LOVE vampire novels and fantasy- anything dark and romantic and bloody >:]. I became obsessed with reading about four years ago when my MOM picked up a few books part of the  Song of The Lioness Quartet By Temora Pierce. Those books inspired me to keep reading and made me want to know what lies within the next pages. After I put down that series, I started to pick up other books that I thought would be interesting. Pierce helped me discover the amazing world of reading and I became obsessed. (Sorry guys I couldn't say that in a "cooler" way) "
And most importantly, my "Quest" is: (Part1) to  inspire other 'non-readers' into reading, and give my fellow bookworms some good book suggestions, and I want to make reviews so people can learn what the book is about BEFORE they go out and spend money. I think it's IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE TO READ because you learn so much more about experiences you'll never see or do, and your vocabulary expaaands. I think my vocab is sorta limited, so bare with me I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL at reviews nor do I think my grammar is superior to others. 
You can also relate yourself to characters and be emotionally attached which makes things even better! Having a good author guide you through the life of the main character makes your escape exciting. When people say, "In today's society NO ONE has time to read" I quite frankly think that's bullsht. (Yes, I'm very blunt, but for moms and dads I'll fix it up). You have time to text your boyfriend about all the crap he did wrong, and detail-slap him with that crap - or instead  you can forget about that jerk and escape in a book :). (Yes, that's exactly from experience.)  I find reading is relaxing (until a reeally good climaxing part comes up) and it's spending our time reading something an author has put their soul into, that makes it all worth while.
     (Part2) I'm also FILMING and posting my reviews on YOUTUBE. Yes, I want to VLOG and BLOG. I will be posting on here that MAINLY leads to watching it on YOUTUBE because I MEAN C'MON PEOPLE, if I want to CONNECT to non-readers I have to go about how they do things; by WATCHING and SEEING. How can I get a person who doesn't like to read into reading, IF THEY DON'T LIKE TO READ?!  I think if I can reach out and touch an interest inside someone, my blog's purpose will complete.

So before I start my reviews on books, I want to give you a run-down about how I'm going to do them:

     I read TEEN FICTION, ADULT FICTION and ADULT FANTASY (and you might catch me reading a mature 9-12 ahemArtemisFowl). So I'm covering a variety of books that I personally have an interest in. Don't read a lot of Non-Fiction because I have enough to worry about in my life, why should I have to worry about someone else if they're not even a Vampire!? And usually all the books I'll be reviewing will compliment eachother, or in some way or another, they will relate. I like sticking to the same stuff BUT I DO READ other things likeSci-fi and I LOVE stories that are based in  dystopian societys (ahemHUNGERGAMES&1984) or somthing that sticks to one race and one theme throughout the book (aheemmagainARTEMISFOWL). Ah well you'll see. I don't want to spoil EVERYTHING for you. 
And YES I will probably change my style now and then because we're all human and we need to expand, grow, and change.


So realize, When I post and have time to blog on here, it's either because of:
a) I'm done reading a book
b) I'm not at work or at school
c) I have the time and money to spend on it. 

You: "So hang on, what was the last one?"
Me: "Yeah, dude, I gatta spend money making these reviews BECAUSE I just don't want to sit in my room all day and record. I want to enjoy my summer and show you what Toronto is like. Toronto is just being recognized for being a party city and where lots of Canadian fashion comes from. Also, with the help of (sadly) JBiebes, Canadian Idol, authors, and other good artists, Canada as a whole is being seen as a respectable industry full of talent. SO I'm mumbling about non-sence BUT I DON'T CARE. You already read it and now you can't un-read it >:] I do that a lot, just for a heads up. It's how I passed most of high school sadly. Anywhooo, I DON'T want to film in my neioughborhood because of internet creepers and I want to keep where I live in private. I don't LIVE in Toronto, but because we're SO FRIGGIN CLOSE, everyone considers us as one. We don't even show up on the weather channel as our own city because we're so damn close >:)
Toronto is amazing and I want this to also be a tour of my beloved city, while you watch my reviews :)"

NOTE: I won't always be able to film in Toronto and I will have to start off in my room (damnit!) because I can't afford a camcorder at the moment D: Slo Im getting a HD webcam. (which will be mentioned in my vlog)

     What else can I say? ...Well... throughout my book-reading-author-discovering "journey", I've come upon maaaaany books and series that I have fallen in LOVE with. And I hope by reading my blog, you could be inspired to read more, and love literature.  


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